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One hundred and twenty-six years ago, the city of Chicago became enlightened — literally. AEAMC is going to do it again this fall.

President Grover Cleveland officially opened the World’s Columbian Exposition on May 1, 1893. Also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, this event attracted more than 27 million visitors. Lit by thousands of incandescent lamps powered by AC generators, the fair marked a turning point in the “war of the currents” between AC (Westinghouse) and DC (Edison) power. AC proved its safety at the fair and went on to become the standard for transmitting electric power. The fair also launched the popularity of many now-famous foods, including shredded wheat, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, chili, brownies, and one of Chicago’s iconic bites: the hot dog. 

Today, with a cell phone and video camera in your watch, satellites circling Earth, and high-def flat screens everywhere, it seems hard to believe that just a century or so back, most folks did not even have electric lighting or shredded wheat.  AEAMC management and staff are excited to announce our first location outside Texas in Elgin, IL (just outside Chicago). We are busy staffing and building out our facility. Please be on the lookout for our grand opening announcement soon.