Learn how AEAMC’s solution helped save 58% in equipment costs alone compared to a competitor’s proposal. Read the summary below, or click here for the full case study.

Water Garden – Garage & Riser Breaker Replacements 2015

water garden case studyABM, a leader in facility maintenance services, manages the Water Garden facility in Santa Monica, California. ABM is an independent full service electrical solutions provider with expertise in life extension and system upgrades, testing and maintenance services, as well as full service engineering and consultation services.

ABM conducted a short circuit study as part of their regular maintenance service plan and discovered a higher than normal GFR failure rate. Unless there is a functioning circuit breaker to interrupt this condition, the results can be catastrophic; including loss of property, equipment, and life.

Reasons for Upgrade

ABM’s knowledge of computational methods for power systems analysis allowed engineers to troubleshoot, plan, and design an effective ground fault protection system for the Water Garden’s circuit breaker upgrade project. Essentially, the study revealed that the previously installed remote ground fault relays were failing. ABM’s solution for the failing GFRs was to upgrade the circuit breakers to all Solid State LSIG ground fault protection.

Proposed Solutions

Once ABM completed the short-circuit and protection-coordination studies, they determined the best solution was to install Solid State Trip Units. Based on the recommendation by AEAMC, the GE Spectra Series and Powerbreak II Circuit Breakers were chosen. The GE Circuit Breakers utilize the GE Entelliguard Trip Unit.

However, ABM had a major hurdle to overcome. Due to the age of the system, it could not accept the new modern style breakers without completely upgrading the infrastructure, which would more than double the cost of repairs. AEAMC was able to provide a simple, inexpensive solution that allowed the solid state circuit breakers to be installed.

Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls was able to design custom installation kits for the various switchboards, including a Single and Group Mounted Design. The Main Pringle Switches have been upgraded with General Electric Power Breaker II Circuit Breakers, reducing the opening and closing speed of the units. A feature of the Entelliguard Tip Unit is the Reduced Energy Let Through Function (RELT). This reduces the arc flash incident energy levels, allowing the maintenance personnel to work safely on the equipment.

In addition, the existing GE Armourclad Bus Plugs had similar issues. The original system used an external Ground Fault Relay that was no longer reliable. AEAMC was able to engineer a retrofit kit that would allow installation of a new GE Spectra Circuit Breaker with Integral Ground Fault. The retrofit only required new bus adapter kits, and did not require any modifications to the bus plug itself.

AEAMC’s Solution

ABM also solicited competitors for equipment design solutions. The competition’s solution involved upgrading the entire infrastructure in order to install the new equipment into the aging system. Other competitors told ABM there was no other solution. AEAMC’s solution helped save 58% in equipment costs alone compared to the competitor’s proposal.