Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls’ experienced engineers and technicians provide quality repair, reconditioning, remanufacturing, retrofitting and life extension services for your molded case and insulated case circuit breakers, motor control, panelboards, switchboards and bolted pressure switches. We also modify or custom-design and build panelboards or switchboards.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can assist you in determining whether it’s best to repair, replace, upgrade or retrofit your equipment.

Repair – Recondition – Remanufacture

Our shop services typically include the disassembly, visual and mechanical evaluation, standard maintenance procedures as recommended by the OEM, component replacement or reconditioning, and testing both before and after our services. We also provide full documentation of test results and equipment performance after our servicing is completed.

Life Extension – Retrofit & Retrofill

Life extension: Life extension is an economical way to keep aging electrical equipment in service well beyond the equipment’s original expected life. Our life-extension programs can extend the useful life of your obsolete, underrated, or hard-to-maintain circuit breakers, motor controls, panelboards, switchboards and bolted pressure switches. Our capabilities include raising interrupting capacity, increasing equipment reliability, and providing solid-state trip units, all while matching your existing switchgear lineup.

Retrofit: Retrofit is the process of using an obsolete or underrated piece of equipment and adding modern or uprated components so as to upgrade the original equipment and extend its useful life.  For example, your low-voltage motor control buckets can be retrofitted with new components and modern solid-state overload protective devices.

Retrofill: Retrofill is stripping out old, obsolete or underrated equipment and installing completely new, modern equipment. Frequently this is a draw-out assembly structure that includes a new circuit breaker or contactor.  For example, if you have an old, obsolete low-voltage power circuit breaker, in many cases we can retrofill it with a new cradle assembly and a modern insulated case circuit breaker which has a higher interrupting capacity and modern solid-state electronics.

Panelboards and Switchboards – Custom Designed and Built

Our panelboards and switchboards are available in a wide range of ampacities for lighting, power, and distribution service in commercial facilities, utilities, industrial plants and other applications.

With our experienced in-house engineering, metal working capabilities and skilled technicians, we can custom-design and build, or modify an existing panelboard or switchboard, to meet your specific application.

Contact us to discuss your application and requirements and to obtain pricing for your project.