Bolted pressure switches, also known as a high-pressure switch or bolted pressure contact switch or pringle switch, from all manufacturers are available from Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls.

Whether your bolted pressure switch is an older-style knife spring, butt contact, magnetic pressure switch, or one of the new bolted pressure switch designs, fused or non-fused, with or without overcurrent protection, we can replace, repair or recondition it.

We maintain an extensive inventory of bolted pressure switches and replacement parts including switch mechanisms, pole assemblies, switch blades, hinge and jaw contacts, bolting mechanism, handles, etc.

In addition to high-pressure switches, we also inventory and service standard disconnect switches, commonly known as a switch disconnect, switch disconnector, fuse switch disconnector or switch fuse disconnector.

Bolted Pressure Switches also known as high-pressure switch or bolted pressure contact switch.