Retrofitting: The Best Way to Upgrade Your System

There are many reasons to consider retrofitting — and the primary reason is safety. Modernizing equipment provides enhanced and integrated protective functions, with options such as arc-flash reduction modes and other technologies not available on older units. Read More

AEAMC Opens New Location in Elgin, IL

One hundred and twenty-six years ago, the city of Chicago became enlightened — literally. AEAMC is going to do it again this fall.

President Grover Cleveland officially opened the World’s Columbian Exposition on May 1, 1893. Also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, this event attracted more than 27 million visitors. Lit by thousands of incandescent lamps powered by AC generators, the fair marked a turning point in the “war of the currents” between AC (Westinghouse) and DC (Edison) power.Read More

Check Out the Special PowerTest Edition of Breaker Buzz!

Group CBS continues to be a leader in the electrical testing and safety, as demonstrated by our successful showing at NETA’s PowerTest conference. Read all about the circuit breaker panels we hosted, Finley Ledbetter’s presentation on vacuum interrupters, new products, and more.Read More