service-2Our life-extension programs can extend the useful life of your obsolete, underrated, or hard-to-maintain circuit breakers, motor controls, panelboards, switchboards and bolted pressure switches.

Utilizing modern technology, our experienced engineers and skilled technicians can raise interrupting capacity, increase equipment reliability, provide solid-state trip units and components, all the while matching your existing switchgear lineup.

Life extension: Life extension is an economical way to keep aging electrical equipment in service well beyond the equipment’s original expected life.

Retrofit: Retrofit is the process of using an obsolete or underrated piece of equipment and adding modern or uprated components so as to upgrade the original equipment and extend its useful life.  For example, your low-voltage motor control buckets can be retrofitted with new components and modern solid-state overload protective devices.

Retrofill: Retrofill is stripping out old, obsolete or underrated equipment and installing completely new, modern equipment. Frequently this is a draw-out assembly structure that includes a new circuit breaker or contactor.  For example, if you have an old, obsolete low-voltage power circuit breaker, in many cases we can retrofill it with a new cradle assembly and a modern insulated case circuit breaker which has a higher interrupting capacity and modern solid-state electronics.

Here’s an actual example:  Replacing an old, obsolete technology ITE SB3 circuit breaker with a GE SHF PowerBreak II insulated case circuit breaker modified to retrofill the original breaker cubicle. ITE SB3 circuit breaker (far left) removed and replaced by GE SHF PowerBreak-II insulated case circuit breaker modified to retrofill original cubicle (far right).

GE SHF PowerBreak-II circuit breaker retrofill for ITE SB3 circuit breaker