AMC-QMQB Panelboard Switch is a direct replacement for the FPE series of QMQB panelboard switches. The AMC-QMQB Series Panelboard switch is not a remanufactured switch. It is manufactured using new components and is UL-98 Listed, File Number E466967.

We are the only supplier of a currently manufactured UL-98 Listed panelboard switch specifically designed to replace existing Federal Pacific QMQB series of panelboard switches. Originally Manufactured by FPE, these switches were also licensed and have been manufactured under the names of Zinsco, Challenger, American Circuit Breaker, Frank Adams, and Sylvania.

The older QMQB switches in service today cannot be effectively reconditioned, and the solution is our new AMC-QMQB series of panelboard switches. With the UL-98 Listing, customers can be confident that our AMC-QMQB Series Panelboard Switches include only UL-listed components and comply with all UL, NEMA, and NEC design criteria.

Among the QMQB switches we can provide a direct replacement for is the QMQB2026R. It is our AMC-QMQB-2036R.
The AMC-QMQB series of panelboard switches:

  • Are new manufacture, not reconditioned old switches
  • Directly replace your existing QMQB switch
  • Install into your existing switchboard without requiring any modifications to it
  • UL-98 listing ensures that only UL-98 listed components are utilized and that the AMC-QMQB switch complies with all UL, NEMA, and NEC design criteria
  • Immediately available

Use the following link to view online or download a copy of our descriptive bulletin for the AMC-QMQB panelboard switch.