24-7-support-icon-transNationwide After-Hours & On-Site Electrical Emergency Support

Call 800-289-2757 24/7

Whether caused by a natural disaster or an equipment failure, whenever an electrical emergency takes place, Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls can immediately respond nationwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to our extensive inventory and shop repair capabilities, we can repair or replace your faulty circuit breakers, motor control, switchboards and other electrical equipment on-site at your facility.

We also have access to Group CBS assets for all types of electrical emergency service and disaster relief.  With 4 self-contained portable workshops available, we can provide a complete repair shop anywhere on land or sea.

Call Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls at 800-289-2757 and put these assets to work the next time an electrical emergency or unscheduled electrical outage has you looking for immediate professional assistance.

If you can’t reach us, use the phone numbers provided on this page to reach other Group CBS affiliate companies located nationwide.