We stock all types of lighting panelboards and industrial power distribution panelboardsAdvanced Electrical and Motor Controls stocks hundreds of new and reconditioned indoor and outdoor electrical panelboards and switchboards. With our experienced in-house engineering, metal working capabilities and skilled technicians, we can custom-design and build or modify an existing panelboard or switchboard to fit any application.

Wonder what’s the difference between a panelboard and a switchboard? Typically panelboards are wall mounted whereas switchboards are free-standing, mounted to the floor. Panelboards typically are rated between 100A-1200A and switchboards typically range between 1200A-5000A. Both panelboards and switchboards are commonly used for service entrance applications; and switchboards can additionally be used for power distribution.

Our panelboards and switchboards are available in a wide range of ampacities for lighting, power, and distribution service in commercial facilities, utilities, industrial plants and other applications. We have thousands available from stock or we can design and manufacture a custom switchboard or panelboard to meet your specific application.