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Group CBS and Astro Controls, Inc. are pleased to announce that Randall “Randy” Roumillat has been appointed the new president of Astro Controls, Inc., a supplier of specialized circuit breaker and motor control electrical equipment.

“Randy is the ideal choice to take the reins of Astro Controls and provide technical and operational counsel to Group CBS. He is a big-company, big-systems guy who will drive our evolution, not only as a circuit breaker powerhouse but as an information powerhouse as well,” said Bill Schofield, president of Circuit Breaker Sales Company, Inc. and vice president of business development for Group CBS, Inc. “We are confident that, by focusing on systems and data, he will take us to the next level.”

With more than three decades of experience leading operational and IT departments for world-class corporations — including Yahoo, Capital One, Fidelity Investments, First Data Corp., and FMC Corp. — Roumillat has demonstrated an unwavering ability to achieve results through both customer focus and the delivery of innovative, cost-effective, and reliable technology solutions.

For example, in his most recent position as CIO of Internal Systems with Yahoo, he revamped the company’s internal systems, formulating a strategy to upgrade HR systems and customer advocacy. He also improved the overall internal IT infrastructure to include video, mobile, and desktop.

Roumillat is a native of Texas, private pilot, and veteran of the U.S. military’s special operations forces. Please welcome Randy Roumillat to the Group CBS family.

He can be reached at