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To BTC OR not to BTC, that is the question. Whether it is more noble to just make standard distribution equipment and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and build something new!

Taking a little literary license from the great bard William Shakespeare, AEAMC has begun another chapter in our evolution as a custom panel manufacturer. A new customer recently ordered hundreds of specialized distribution panels to power computer servers for cryptocurrency mining. To meet the customer demand, we added staff who are working full time in our additional space.

These specialized panels are really just giant column-mounted power strips, allowing the mining facility to plug in ASIC miners, or specialized hardware for mining cryptocurrency. The higher the voltage of the panels, the more efficiently the ASIC miners run. Across the world, people are looking at how to use and mine blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Whether this new technology will replace our standard money or transaction systems remains to be seen, but blockchain offers innovations in a host of areas. Just as folks did not know how to use the internet when it first emerged, likewise they are trying to find ways to use blockchains.

At AEAMC, we are working to develop even better products for this burgeoning industry and look forward to seeing where the technology takes us.