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Despite only going live in late 2016, is already booming thanks to a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and the user experience as visitors can easily access thousands of unique electrical products.

Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls Inc. (AEAMC) is the first Group CBS affiliate to fully integrate its corporate website and e-commerce store. “This is beneficial for SEO, as unique, unstructured, related content improves SEO,” says Bill Schofield, president of AEAMC. “By combining the corporate website with the store, we’re already seeing increased traffic.”

In March 2017, had more than 1,500 visits from new users. This is over three times more visitors than the old, non-e-commerce site received in March 2016. What’s more, visitors from organic Google results have increased 157% from March 2016 to March 2017, indicating that the site is doing well in search engine rankings.

The website design emphasizes AEAMC’s core distributed products (circuit breakers, motor controls, switches, and disconnects), as well as its newly manufactured and custom-engineered products (panelboard switches, motor control center buckets, and industrial control panel builders).

Putting together the new site was a Herculean task — a multimonth collaboration among AEAMC and the multifirm marketing and web development team with a deep dive into established SEO techniques.

The website is designed to load quickly and is SSL encrypted, two features meant to improve SEO. But SEO doesn’t offer much value if you can’t convert page clicks into sales. Consequently, the website team built a number of user-friendly features into the site design.

The e-commerce portion of the website is set up to filter more than 10,000 unique products, allowing users to more easily find correct parts based on their search parameters. Developers also added an autofill search box at the top of the website to help users quickly find the product they need.

To provide a high level of service and address the needs of NETA members, AEAMC has linked on the homepage an extra Salesforce-integrated form that features expedited response.

“The AEAMC team has been hard at work adding unique product descriptions, product photos, pricing, and product specifications to improve SEO and help close online sales,” Schofield says. “With these ongoing efforts, is poised to become an e-commerce leader in the electrical industry.”